In the exciting new Jurassic Park Arcade ™ from Raw Thrills, players must rescue the cloned dinosaurs who are running amok in the Jurassic wildlife adventure park ! Players will use their high-powered, force-feedback “tranquilizer guns” to subdue and help save 30 species of the menacing, cloned dinosaurs, running loose across “Isla Nublar” while attempting to restore order to Jurassic Park !

Jurassic Park Environment SD Model features a massive 55″ HD LED Widescreen Display, enhanced Gun System and brilliant Cabinet Lighting with over 1000 LED Lights synchronized with in-game actions, and its extremely eye-catching and gigantic sized T-Rex Dino Marquee Topper, along with 9 exciting, frantic levels of non-
stop dinosaur chasing action in Jurassic Park Arcade !